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Oct 17, 2012 3:30pm PDT
robinson on deck. lefty lopez is getting ready for jon jay. who follows robinson. double by freese. walk, descalso. one out. 2-2. >> joe: in to centerfield. a base hit. freese is held to third. on a strong throw to center by pagan. bases are loaded, one out. kozma with a base hit to center. that will bring righetti, the pitching coach out to talk to cain. >> tim: angel pagan not only has good arm as a centerfielder, perhaps the rest arm for any outfielder. on either side. but he charges the ball well. the third base coach looks how infielder charges the ball. that is part of the decision. whether to hold up the runner or not. that is why freese held. >> joe: freese does not run well. >> no. >> joe: he has had problem with his ankle and his feet. oquendo is one of the most aggressive third base coaches in the national league. held him. that is the respect for paga pagan. cain stays in the game. after another hit by kozma in a key spot. it's up to shane robinson. hit .263 in the regular season. does not have a post-season hit. >> tim: two outs on that play. david freese tries to score. but
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1